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Sound of Folk is a training school that promotes the concepts, history, and symbolic representation of Folk Music,Dances, and other performing arts through the study of Folk and Classical music (both instrumental and vocal) along with folk dances (including Bhangra, Gidha, Jindua, Sammi, Dhammal, Goomer, and Kalbelia).

Sound of Folk was founded in 2012, and since then it has provided a platform for groups all around the globe to showcase their expertise, charm, and ability.

Sound of Folk had played an important role in introducing new generations to the Vocal Music, dances of giddha and bhangra, and musical parts of Punjabi folklore, such as the dhol and tumbi, and traditional singing, also called boliyaan. The Sound of Folk's mission is to assist passionate dancers and musicians enhance their performing skills via engaging classes taught by trained professionals. The Sound of Folk also teaches students the history and cultural importance of folk Music and dance steps so that they may appreciate the art form for what it really is.

The school welcomes students of all ages, from young children to teenagers and adults, whether they are just starting out in teams or are veterans. Vocal Singing courses in bhangra, jindua, sammi, luddi,ghoomer, kalbelia, dhammal, dhol, and other instruments will be available for individuals who aren't interested in competing but are still captivated by Punjabi culture.

Sound of Folk's teams compete all over the world, from Canada to the United States to Europe to South East Asia to South America, and the organisation hopes to keep young people active in their communities by sending them to these events. Sound of Folk invites young people from all backgrounds to unite in promoting cultural understanding and acceptance. Sound of Folk stands apart from other similar shows because of its emphasis on community development. Sound of Folk is committed to cultural variety and togetherness, as seen by the fact that past contests have included participants from a wide range of faiths, groups, races, and ethnicities.

Who We Are?

Experience the energy.Let your body come alive at ViBE!

Sound of Folk is a high quality Musical , recreational dance training center that creates a challenging and enjoyable learning environment for all. Sound of Folk provides classes for both males and females ranging from age three to adults. We also offers quality programs for 15+ year olds and 17+ year olds (former competitive dancers), as well as unique adult classes that operate during the days, evenings, and weekends.

Our Mission?

Sound of Folk is a organization comprised of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds with the initiative to promote and create the awareness of Folk Music and Dances around the world. The name " Sound of Folk " symbolizes the unification of all countries to create and implement the awareness of Folk Music dances and other performing arts world wide. ,one of its aim is also to create awareness about various folk instruments of Punjab.

What our Academy offers you ?.

  • High quality recreational dance and fitness classes..

  • genuine and high quality Music Instruments..

  • Qualified and trained teachers who share their love of dance with their students of all ages.

  • A place where everyone feels like a “star”.

  • A non-competitive activity that children, teens, and adults will be excited to attend each and every week.

  • The ‘s and s’ mantra, the sweat and smile achieved by dancers in each and every class and Instructional classes that focus on the “fun factor”.

  • Charity and community participation.

  • A state-of-the-art facility.

  • Three spacious dance studios with professional sprung floors.

  • Eight-foot mirrors and four viewing windows in each studio.

  • Quality sound equipment.

  • High Quality Music Studio.

  • An intercom system throughout the entire facility.

  • Wheelchair accessibility.

  • Comfortable change rooms for males and females.

  • A full-service store which sells clothing, dancewear, shoes, hats, bags, and tons more.

  • Close to nearby highways NH1.

  • A well lit parking lot with plenty of free parking.

  • Unique teaching style taught by all teachers.

  • An extra-curricular program that improves self-confidence, self-esteem, and body image.

  • Professional and approachable staff and studio owners who want to listen to what you have to say.